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"The basement turned out so nice, I love the ceiling!"

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What We Offer

ceiling grid

Mike Crist has years of experience installing acoustical (drop) ceilings, in both residential and commercial locations.

The cost of your ceiling will vary, depending on size of the room, type of tile being used, and level of complexity. We think you will be pleased with our reasonable prices and high-quality work.

window bridgeInterested in finishing your basement? Do you have a window that would be partially hidden by the drop ceiling? No problem, we have the solution!

ceiling boxdrywall box

Don't want to lose ceiling height due to that heavy beam or air duct?

We can hide it by building a box using the ceiling grid and tile, or cover that section with drywall. The choice is yours.

drywallOther services include drywall, painting and framing. With Crist Ceilings you will get your money's worth and a job well done!